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PDH Credits

Professional Development Hours

Sample Training Certificate - Click to enlargeThe HydroCAD Self-Study package qualifies for 8* Professional Development Hours (PDH) in most jurisdictions.  Each participant will receive a course certificate upon successful completion of the program.

The Self-Study package has been evaluated and accredited by the Practicing Institute of Engineering, Inc. and the Florida Board of Professional Engineers.  Other states do not require courses to be pre-approved, and consider each request for PDH credits separately. To our knowledge, no request for PDH credits for these programs has ever been denied.

New York Practicing Institute of Engineering PS# 20150136
Qualifies as “other educational activity” under NYS Reg. 68.11(C)(3)(ii)(b)
All PIE approved courses are HSW approved for AIA.

Florida Board of Professional Engineers Provider# 0004508 Credit Code 0000108

Note: We do not currently offer PDH certificates for our free webinars.  If you are specifically looking for PDH credits please consider one of the other training alternatives listed above.


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