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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986


Web-Based Training

We're pleased to announce the availability of free web-based training seminars (webinars).  Each program will devote one hour to a specific topic, providing the opportunity for detailed examination of subjects that are not feasible to cover with traditional training solutions.  These are live sessions, with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss specific issues with the presenter.   Most sessions are personally conducted by HydroCAD developer and CEO, Peter Smart.

No live webinars are scheduled at this time, however, please see the video recordings of previous sessions.

Custom Web Sessions

Private web training and consultation is available for customers who prefer a custom session.  Typical cost for a 2-hour session is $500, for up to 10 attendees.  For details contact   However, we suggest that you first review the large selection of pre-recorded sessions, which have been found to cover 99% of all training requirements.  A private session can then be arranged to cover any remaining issues in greater detail.

Recorded Sessions on

For most training requirements we now recommend our free training videos.

Other Training Options

In addition to web-based training, we also offer a self-study program and traditional in-person training seminars.


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