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New Features added in HydroCAD-7.1

HydroCAD-7.1 added over 100 new features (compared to the previous 6.1 release).  Many of these features were added in response to customer requests and suggestions:

bulletCustom weir/orifice capability: Define arbitrary outlet control structures
bulletWeir "Rise" parameter: Allows easy modeling of compound weirs
bulletManning's Lookup table: Pick n-values from a list, or enter your own
bulletVortex valves: Pre-defined tables for Hydro International vortex control valves
bulletMore pre-fab storage chambers: Now supports StormTech and StormChamber products
bulletSloped pipe storage: Automatic calculation of sloped pipe storage systems
bulletTimed backup: Protects against power failures with periodic project backup
bulletMinimum Tc setting: For localities that specify a minimum Tc value
bulletAdjustable Ia/S ratio: Advanced feature for modeling low-rainfall events
bulletLake Travel Time: Use alone or with other Tc procedures
bulletOrifice arrays: Easy modeling of vertical grates or perforations in a riser
bulletArbitrary tailwater tables: Use a link to enter a predefined tailwater curve
bulletRaise/Lower any node: Adjust the elevation of an entire node automatically
bulletConvert a pipe reach to a pond-with-culvert-outlet: Just one click
bulletMulti-node renumbering: Fast renumbering of any number of nodes
bulletProject notes: Include your own narrative directly in each HydroCAD report
bulletAdjustable report time span: Use longer calculation spans while preserving report readability
bulletAdjustable report time step: Tabulate values at your preferred time step
bulletAutomatic project merge: Simplifies data updates with CAD links
bulletIllustrated help file: Makes equations and dimmensions easier to understand
bulletActive user list: When the software is busy, shows you who is using it
bulletShared network rainfall tables: No need to copy custom files to each PC
bulletSample video training materials: Free selections from the new Training DVD

For details, see the complete list of new HydroCAD-7.1 features.

Also see the new features added in the subsequent HydroCAD-8 release.


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