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Features added in HydroCAD-8.0

Rainfall Management: Displays rainfall depth or intensity in graphical and tabular format.  Displays multiple storms at once for easy comparison.  Works with all standard and custom rainfall tables.  Built-in rainfall editor makes it easy to create custom rainfall definitions.  Reports can be exported in TXT, CSV, EMF, or JPG format for use in other programs.

Instant rainfall distribution reports

Unit Hydrograph Management: Displays, compares, and edits UH tables with ease.  Same features as rainfall management screen, above.

Display and compare storage chambers Chamber Management: Displays data for prefabricated storage chambers in graphical or tabular format.  Makes it easy to compare different chambers, or create custom chamber definitions with the built-in editor.

Pervious and impervious runoff areas are reported separately.  There is also an option to perform separate runoff calculations for the pervious and impervious areas, as required for some SBUH runoff calculations.

Curve Number report provides a project-wide analysis of curve number usage, including the total area for each CN value, making it easier to compare pre-existing and proposed site conditions. See sample report.  (PDF format)

Illustrated reach cross-sections are shown on all reach reports and editing screens.  Maximum water level is shown in blue for quick evaluation of channel capacity and utilization.

Custom reach cross-sections Custom reach cross-sections allow the modeling of virtually any type of natural or man-made channel, including compound channels and flood plains.  A separate Manning's value can be specified for each bottom segment, with a compound roughness coefficient calculated by the Lotter, Pavlovskii, or Horton methods.  Flow can also be calculated by subdivision, based on the defined bottom segments or break-points in the Manning's value.

Muskingum-Cunge reach routing procedure has been added for enhanced modeling of long channels with significant routing effects.  Now a wide range of projects that would otherwise have required TR-20 can be done entirely within HydroCAD.

Custom project units make it easy to adjust the number of decimal places for any parameter - without having to create a custom units definition file.  Just click the "Custom" button on the units screen and select the parameter you want to modify!  And since the settings are stored within the individual HydroCAD project file, you don't have to keep track of separate unit definition files.

Instant reports for any IDF curve IDF Curve Management: Displays, creates, and verifies IDF curves in just seconds.  Displays rainfall depth or intensity using linear or logarithmic scaling.  Other features similar to rainfall management, as described above.

Other enhancements include selectable rounding for composite Tc, CN, and C values.  A link can be used to enter a constant flow, or to delay (translate) a hydrograph by a preset time.  New rainfall tables, unit hydrographs, and chamber definitions have been added.  As always, this update can open any previous HydroCAD project file.  Click here for technical details on all the changes.

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