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Software Status Bulletins

The following list includes all Software Status Bulletins issued for HydroCAD.  Click any bulletin for complete details.

Note: To get a list of all bulletins that apply to your current version of HydroCAD, select Check for Update from your HydroCAD Help menu.  This list is needed only to lookup a bulletin for a different version.

Name/Number Topic Version(s) Build(s)
SSB0100 Excess outflow from pipe reach 6.0-6.2  
SSB0101 Incorrect rainfall depth 6.2 ER  
SSB0102 Embedded storage 6.4 ER  
SSB0103 File deletion at startup 6.1-7.0  
SSB0104 Pond routing changes 7.0+  
SSB0105 Invalid Floating Point Operation 7.1  
SSB0106 Pond storage extrapolation 7.0-7.1  
SSB0107 Errata (cosmetic issues) 8.0  
SSB0108 Invalid Floating Point Operation 8.0  
SSB0109 Printing background image to PDF 8.0  
SSB0110 View|Chamber screen 8.0  
SSB0111 Grid index out of range 8.x  
SSB0112 Invalid Pointer 6.0-9.0  
SSB0113 Missing buttons on reach edit screen 9.1  
SSB0114 Divide-by-zero error 9.1  
SSB0115 Stormwater chamber displacement 8.5-9.1  
SSB0116 Missing buttons at large DPI 9.1  
SSB0117 Reach water level display 8.0-9.1  
SSB0118 Negative elevations not tabulated 7.1-9.1  
SSB0119 Culvert outlet invert of zero not retained 6.0-9.1  
SSB0120 NOAA file not recognized 10.0 1
SSB0121 Cursor not visible at high DPI settings 6.0-10.0  
SSB0122 Comparison report "Access Violation" 10.0 8
SSB0123 Ellipse "Divide by Zero" 10.0 13
SSB0124 AutoCAD import error 183 10.0 1-11
SSB0125 Windows copy/paste not working 10.0 17-20
SSB0126 Layer set not changed until restart 10.0 1-20
SSB0127 Vertical scroll bar missing 10.0 20-21
SSB0128 Cannot OK orifice edit screen 10.0 23


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