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HydroCAD-10 is now available!

The latest HydroCAD-10 release adds powerful new modeling and operating features you'll use every day.  Click here for full details.

bulletNew customers can purchase HydroCAD-10 on the regular order page.
bulletExisting customers who were on Deluxe Support as of August 15, 2011 were sent a free HydroCAD-10 update in September.  The update mailing included a new license certificate, with your download details and serial number.
bulletUsers of the Metered edition may download the latest version here.
bulletUsers of the HydroCAD Sampler may download the latest version here.
bulletOther HydroCAD owners (Standard edition not on Deluxe Support) may purchase the update here.

If you want to evaluate HydroCAD-10 before you order, check out the free HydroCAD Sampler.


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