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Student Testing

What is this?

After completing the HydroCAD Self-Study Course, you are invited to take the final on-line exam.  Upon passing the exam, we'll issue a Certificate of Completion that can be used to apply for Professional Development Hours in your jurisdiction.  Since the self-study materials take approximately eight hours to complete, we recommend that credit be issued for 8 PDH, CEU, etc.

Please note:  Rules for continuing education credits vary from one locality to another, and we cannot guarantee that your agency will issue credits for this specific self-study course.  Most localities do not pre-approve courses, but issue credits based on the merits and applicability of the individual request.

Ready to take the test?

You'll need your Student ID, as printed on your student registration form or email.

Click here to take the test  Then click "Begin Test" and enter your Student ID as requested.

If you see a general screen for "HostedTest" instead of the Student ID request, your computer is probably blocking the pop-up window that is used for testing.  Disable all pop-up blockers and try again.

As you progress through the test you will see your current score.  If you feel you need more time to study you can exit at any time and resume at the same point.

What if I don't pass?

At the completion of the test, if you don't get a passing grade of 70%, you can retake the entire test at any time.


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