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Terms of Sale

Order Processing

Orders received by 4:30pm EST, M-F (except Federal holidays) are usually processed and shipped the same day.  As soon as the order is processed, we will email an order confirmation including your complete license and download information.  Unless your order requires a separate physical shipment (such as printed documentation) we provide 100% electronic delivery on all orders.


New customers must prepay by credit card or check.  We offer payment terms (billing) only to existing customers, schools, and government agencies.  These orders must submitted through our on-line form.

Software License Agreement

All sales are governed by our Software License Agreement, which is included with each program sold.  You will find that our license is more liberal than most, particularly if you need to run HydroCAD on several computers.  Additional details are available here.

Order Acceptance

All orders are subject to acceptance by HydroCAD Software Solutions.  Orders may be rejected at our discretion for any reason.  The Software License Agreement is the final and exclusive agreement governing all sales.  We offer off-the-shelf (shrink-wrap) software at a very competitive price, and this does not leave any margin to alter the terms of sale on an individual basis. If you have special purchasing requirements, we urge you to find another supplier better suited to your needs. Any order containing additional terms, provisions, or requirements will be not be processed.

All Sales Final - No Returns

HydroCAD is provided primarily by electronic download.  After we have processed the order and transmitted the download details, your order is considered to be complete and cannot be canceled.

We do not accept any returns after your order has been processed, unless due to an error on our part.  We do not sell software with an "evaluation period."

We urge you to fully evaluate our products before you commit to a purchase.  As part of your evaluation we recommend the free HydroCAD Sampler.

If you still feel that HydroCAD doesn't meet your needs, please visit our support page or contact technical support for personal assistance.  The rare problems that occur usually originate from confusion about modeling techniques, which we are happy to address.

If you do conclude that HydroCAD doesn't meet your needs, you have the option to transfer (sell) your license to another owner under the terms of the License Agreement.

Sole Source Statement

HydroCAD Software Solutions (HSS) is the developer and sole source of the HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling System.  To ensure efficient, accurate, and timely delivery, all orders must be placed directly with HSS.  Our products are not available through resellers.

Off-The-Shelf Software

HydroCAD is provided as a standard product and not a service.  We do not provide custom software or consulting services.  As such, we are not subject to 1099 reporting nor purchase terms that would apply to labor and services.

Security Issues

HydroCAD is a traditional software application that is locally installed on the user's computer(s).  HydroCAD is not a hosted product (SaaS) or "cloud based" solution.  Except for license activation, customer data is never transmitted over the internet.  As such, HydroCAD is not a "service provider", and the associated security documents (CAIQ, SOC, etc) do not apply.

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