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Importing HydroCAD data from Autodesk

Steltman Software, a third-party Autodesk developer, is working with HydroCAD Software Solutions to provide a set of data exchange tools for use with HydroCAD.

The tools allow for the mapping of soil type, ground cover, and subcatchment boundaries within Autodesk MAP, Land Desktop and Civil 3D.  The subcatchment areas and CN values are automatically exported to a standard HydroCAD project file Pond storage data may also be exported based on plan contours. (Future capabilities may include automatic subcatchment delineation, time-of-concentration calculations, pipe database export, and other features.)

The resulting file can be immediately opened in HydroCAD, where additional watershed information can be added.  Subsequent data changes can be incorporated by using the Project|Merge function in HydroCAD, without losing any of the subsequent manual entries.

The data export capability is part of the "Pipe Tools" package from Steltman Software.  For a preview of the basic subcatchment export capabilities please see this AVI video file.  For further details, including a free 30-day evaluation, please visit www.rsteltman.com/pipex.html.

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