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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986

Special Outlet

Special Outlet Device

For devices that cannot be modeled with one of the standard outlet devices, a special outlet can be used to define a custom stage-discharge curve.  The rating curve can be entered manually, or loaded from a library of predefined rating curves.

Predefined Rating Curves

HydroCAD currently provides the following library of predefined rating curves, which can be automatically loaded into HydroCAD using the "Special Outlet" option:

bulletCity of Chicago vortex valves (added in HydroCAD 10.0)
bulletHydro International Reg-U-Flo vortex valves  (added in HydroCAD 10.0)
bulletMosbaek vortex values  (added in HydroCAD 9.1 and 10.0)
bulletThirsty Duck floating weirs  (added in HydroCAD 10.00-13)
bulletJohn Meunier Hydrovex weirs (added in HydroCAD 10.00-13)
bulletMarlee Float skimmers (added in HydroCAD 1.00-14)

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