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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986

Medium Firms

Why should I choose HydroCAD?

HydroCAD is an excellent solution for medium-sized engineering firms with one or more offices.  It provides an unsurpassed combination of engineering features, affordability, manageability, ease-of-use, and broad acceptance.

Powerful engineering features

HydroCAD provides flexible TR-20, TR-55, SBUH, and Rational hydrology, plus TC calculations, pond storage, pond and reach routing, pollutant loading, pump routing calculations, underground storage layout, and much more. You won't find a more complete H&H solution anywhere, regardless of cost.  Details here.

Widely used and accepted

Since 1986, HydroCAD has been the leading choice for H&H software.  With over 50,000 installations, HydroCAD is widely used and accepted by engineers and agencies throughout the country.  For details, read about agency acceptance and see a partial list of HydroCAD users.

Affordable software, now and later

HydroCAD's node-based pricing structure lets you purchase just the capacity you need, with the flexibility to upgrade to a larger capacity as your needs grow.  This gives you the full power of HydroCAD for even the smallest modeling projects, with the ability to handle larger projects as your needs grow.

For additional non-concurrent users, you can share your license(s) among multiple computers in each office - at no additional cost.  License details here.

New HydroCAD licenses include 90 days of software maintenance including email support and free software updates.  After 90 days you can extend your software maintenance for another year, or you can use our free web and email support and purchase updates as required.

Easy to install and manage

HydroCAD is a compact, stand-alone application that installs in just 60 seconds, and will run on virtually any PC or laptop you currently own, with no special hardware or software requirements.  The installation is simple enough for any computer user, while still providing special capabilities for power-users and IT personnel, such as silent installations.  Details here.

For network use, just do a standard installation on each PC, and pick a location to store your shared license information.  That's it!  Project files can reside on any storage device you choose, and are readily accessed over the network, just like any other document.

Easy to use

Learning HydroCAD is fast and intuitive.  And the built-in tutorial, help system, and printed Reference Manual give you the additional resources you need to get the job done.  Although we suggest that you allow a few days to become familiar with the program, most customers complete their first project in just a few hours.  Our customer comments say it all.

Need extra help or training?

Quick, reliable tech support is always available by phone or email.  And if you're looking for additional H&H training, check out our training page.

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