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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986


What is HydroCAD?

HydroCAD is a stormwater modeling system that is commonly used for simulating stormwater runoff and designing stormwater management systems, such as detention ponds.  Although HydroCAD is the most straight-forward Hydrology and Hydraulics program on the market, the underlying issues and calculations are inherently complex, and should be attempted only by those with the proper technical background and experience, such as a qualified professional engineer.

Should I use HydroCAD myself?

HydroCAD is also an excellent educational tool, which aids in the understanding of these complex issues.  If you wish to learn more about the field, please consider one of the HydroCAD training options or the free HydroCAD Sampler.  However, HydroCAD is not intended to be applied to real-world problems by the general public.  If you have a personal drainage issue, we urge you to consult a local civil engineer with the necessary experience, such as one of the many engineering firms who are using HydroCAD.

Can our construction products be modeled with HydroCAD?

Most construction products can be readily modeled using the standard HydroCAD software.  However, certain products, such as underground storage chambers, may require explicit support by HydroCAD.  For details please read about our partnership opportunities.

Can we distribute HydroCAD to our customers?

Yes!  Our new HydroCAD Express program makes it possible for you to distribute a customized version of HydroCAD to your customers and associates.  Each program is customized to highlight your company and products, while delivering the benefits of HydroCAD to your engineering customers.  Details here.

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