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Computer Labs

Using HydroCAD in a computer lab

We offer several alternatives for installing HydroCAD in a computer lab or classroom.

Option 1: Metered HydroCAD usage

Metered usage provides all the features of HydroCAD, without any special setup or activation.  Each time you start HydroCAD, just enter your login details and the usage is charged to your account.  Accounts can be configured for a specific class, project, or student, providing full access-control and accounting.  Details here.

We also offer a semester license which can be purchased for an individual student, or for an entire class of up to 30 students.  Details here.

Both options include unlimited node capacity, updates, and support at no additional cost.

Option 2: HydroCAD Sampler

The free HydroCAD Sampler is an excellent solution for individual use by students on their own computers.  Although the Sampler may also be used in a computer lab, it requires individual activation on each PC and has a runtime limit of 60-minutes per session, which may be inadequate for certain teaching situations.

Option 3: Standard HydroCAD program

If you only need a single installation, a standard HydroCAD license may be your best option.  A 20-node system provides ample capacity for most educational purposes, with the flexibility to upgrade to a larger capacity if required.  If several people need to use HydroCAD at the same time, we offer significant quantity discounts for multiple licenses, in addition to a 25% educational discount.

For more information

For further details please email your requirements to  and we'll be glad to tailor a solution to your specific needs.  Additional information is also available at the following links:

Teachers and instructors    Student use    Detailed product information



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