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Computer Labs

Using HydroCAD in a computer lab

We offer several alternatives for installing HydroCAD in a computer lab or classroom.

Option 1: HydroCAD Semester License

A semester license can be purchased for an individual student, or for an entire class of up to 25 students. 

Option 2: HydroCAD Sampler

The free HydroCAD Sampler is an excellent solution for individual use by students on their own computers.  Although the Sampler may also be used in a computer lab, it requires individual activation on each PC and has a runtime limit of 60-minutes per session, which may be inadequate for certain teaching situations.

Option 3: HydroCAD Permanent or Annual License

If you only need a single installation, a standard HydroCAD license may be your best option.  A 20-node system provides ample capacity for most educational purposes, with the flexibility to upgrade to a larger capacity if required.

For more information

For further details please email your requirements to  and we'll be glad to tailor a solution to your specific needs.  Additional information is also available at the following links:

Teachers and instructors    Student use    Detailed product information


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