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HydroCAD Sampler Download Page

1) Use of the HydroCAD Sampler is governed by our standard software license agreement.  You will be asked to formally accept the agreement when you install the software in step 5, below.

Note: The Sampler will replace any existing HydroCAD installation on your PC.  If you already have a full HydroCAD program that you want to preserve, please install the Sampler on a different computer.  If you're trying to update a different edition of HydroCAD, you must use the correct download and not the Sampler.

2) Click here to begin the Sampler download. 

Save the file to your windows desktop under the suggested file name HydroCAD-Sampler-setup.exe

3) If the download fails to start, disable any anti-virus software or download manager which may be blocking the download.  If your network security system blocks the transfer of executable files, you may be able to download the zip file instead.

4) If you are upgrading from HydroCAD 6.00, please remove the previous version before installing the update.  You may use Windows Add/Remove Programs, or the "Uninstall" option on the Start menu under Program|HydroCAD.

5) When the download is complete, click (or double-click) the downloaded file (HydroCAD-Sampler-setup.exe) to begin the installation.  (If you get a "corrupt file" message or other error, your download file is incomplete.  Delete the download file and repeat the download.  The complete file should have a size of 3MB.  See the download tips for further details.)

6) When the installation is complete, we suggest that you delete the download file (HydroCAD-Sampler-setup.exe), which is no longer required.

7) To start HydroCAD, click the HydroCAD icon on the desktop or Start menu.  (If you get an "incomplete installation" message, log in as administrator and repeat the installation.)

8) When HydroCAD starts, complete the Sampler registration and activation form.

9) Please accept the suggestion to review the HydroCAD Tutorial, which will get you up to speed in a minimum of time!  After completing the tutorial, you'll be ready to set up your own project.

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