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NRCS2-Rain Event Lookup Table

The NRCS2-Rain table (added in HydroCAD 10.2-4b), provides the latest NRCS rainfall database based on Atlas-14 Volume 10, and implements new rainfall distributions including NOAA10 (N10), NV, SW, TX, CA, and HI.

NRCS2-Rain is based primarily on the NRCS WinTR-55 v2 release, and generally supersedes the previous NRCS-Rain table.

 The intent of this table is to accurately represent the rainfall data published by NRCS at this time.  If updated data becomes available from NRCS, we will endeavor to provide that information by way of a new lookup table, rather than making changes to the original NRCS2-Rain table.

 If new rainfall data is published by individual states, that information will generally be incorporated by the addition of a separate lookup table, such as NJ-2023-Rain.

If you have local rainfall data that differs from the values in the lookup table, feel free to edit your event definitions accordingly.


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