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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986

Data Exchange Partner Guidelines


  Storage Products 

  Flow Control 

Cultec Inc. ADS-StormTech ADS N-12 Pipe Hydro International
Contech Prinsco Haviland Smooth Flow Marlee Float
Triton Stormwater Lane Enterprises Baughman Tile Thirsty Duck
Brentwood StormTank Terre Hill Stormwater Hydro International StormBloc Mosbaek
StormTrap PaveDrain Cudo Cube Hydrovex
Old Castle StormCapture Atlantis Flo-Tank (D-Raintank) retain-it Stormwater Buffer Zone
NDS StormChamber Ferguson R-Tank CityGreen StrataCell


ABT Permavoid Invisible Structures Rainstore3 DeepRoot Silva Cell Contech Filtration
ECS pipe-r ACO StormBrixx Geostorage Carlson Software
PaverGuide Graf EcoBloc NEPCA Steltman Software
Shea Concrete Products GreenBlue RootSpace Rotondo StormPod  
Pontarolo Cupolex Xerxes Tanks EcoRain StormCrates  

About our Partners

We are proud to partner with these companies and organizations in order to better serve the needs of our customers.  Please click on the links above for further details.

Supported Products

Display our logo - Click for detailsMost construction products (culverts, manholes, etc.) are automatically supported by HydroCAD without any specific adaptation of the software.  However, certain products, such as stormwater storage chambers or vortex control valves, employ unique design features that require special handling by HydroCAD.  You will find links for some of these supported products at the top of this page.  If you believe your product requires special treatment within HydroCAD, please send an email to  with details.

Data Exchange

We also encourage the development of data exchange capabilities with other systems and programs.  Details here.

Cooperative Marketing

If you feel you offer a complementary product or service, we are glad to consider cooperative marketing efforts, including links on this web site.  Details here.


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