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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986

Pricing & Ordering

For new HydroCAD Customers:

Complete HydroCAD systems start at just $275, and can usually be downloaded within the hour. Details below  Please review the general product information before you order.  We also offer HydroCAD on an hourly basis with HydroCAD On-Demand.

For existing HydroCAD Owners:
Renew your support
Purchase updates & extra systems

Purchase printed manuals
Purchase training materials

All programs include: Quick-start tutorial, 400+ pages of built-in help, free email support, plus 90 days of Deluxe Support with toll-free tech support and free updates.  Printed copies of the Owner's Manual are available here.  We also offer extended support plans and self-study materials.

To place an order, or just get a quote, follow the steps!  
Please use this form for all orders and quotes, even if you are ordering by mail or fax!

Step 1: Select the desired node-capacity:

HydroCAD pricing is based on the capacity, or number of nodes, that each project may contain.  Click here if you need help estimating the best capacity for your needs.  (You can upgrade at any time for the difference in cost.)

Step 2: Enter the number of Licenses: Qty

Each HydroCAD License allows one person to use the program at a time.  A quantity discount of 10-30% will appear in the shopping cart when ordering more than one license.

Step 3: Tell us how you heard about HydroCAD:

== Partners (A-J) ==
ACF Environmental
Baughman Tile
Carlson Software
Contech CPI
Cultec, Inc.
Deep Root
ECS Pipe-r
Geo Storage
Haviland Drainage
Hydro International
Invisible Structures
== Partners (K-Z) ==
Lane Industries

Marlee Float
Steltman Software
StormTech, LLC
Stormwater Buffer Zone
Terre Hill
Thirsty Duck
Triton Stormwater
  === Web Sites ===
Other site (enter at right)
  === Magazines ===
ASCE Civil Engineering
ASCE Buyer's Guide
Civil+Structural Engineer
Erosion Control
Stormwater Magazine
Stormwater Solutions

  ===== Other =====
Teacher or School
Friend or colleague
Already own HydroCAD
Used HydroCAD before
Mailing (enter number below)
Other (enter below)

Other information (Web site name, magazine issue date, mailing number, etc.)

Step 4: Click here for final pricing:

This form is for new HydroCAD users only!  Click here to order updates for an existing system. 

Most orders are processed within 1 hour of receipt, between 9AM and 5PM, EST, M-F, except for federal holidays.  License and download details are sent by email as soon as we process the order.  Orders placed outside business hours will be processed at the start of the next business day.  For fastest processing please submit all orders online.  If you prefer to order by phone please click here.  All sales are governed by the following Terms.  All sales are final.  No returns or refunds.

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