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What is a "build"?

New "builds" of HydroCAD have been released approximately twice a year to make incremental software improvements, such as adding new chamber definitions or rainfall distributions.

What is the latest build currently available?

1) To determine the latest available build for your HydroCAD system, start HydroCAD and select Help|CheckForUpdate on the HydroCAD main menu.

2) Your current version and build number are displayed in the title of the main HydroCAD screen, as shown at right.  Otherwise you will find this information on the HydroCAD Help|About screen.

How do I get the latest build?

Up through HydroCAD 10.0, new builds are posted to the same address you originally used to download your software.  Click here for details.

For HydroCAD 10.1, each new release is posted to a separate web address, and customers on software maintenance (Deluxe Support) will automatically receive an email with the new download details.  Details here.

For HydroCAD 10.2, update and download info is available in HydroCAD by selecting Help / Check-For-Update

What's changed in the new build?

See the change history for full details.  Find the major section on your release (e.g. 10.0, 9.1, etc.) and scroll down for a list of new builds.

How do I install the new build?

Simply download and run the new setup program.  Then select "standard installation" to update your current software.  Your settings and custom data files are not affected by the update process.  When the update is complete, start HydroCAD and verify the new build in the title bar or Help|About screen, as discussed above.

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