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Lost Materials

HydroCAD Materials - What you should have

HydroCAD is supplied exclusively by download.  All customers will receive an email containing complete license and download details.  Earlier customers may also have received a printed License Certificate.  Printed copies of the HydroCAD Reference Manual are available separately.

If you purchased your HydroCAD program second-hand, make sure you receive all original materials from the seller as required under the HydroCAD License Agreement.  If any items are missing or appear to be copies, you may have received an unlicensed copy of HydroCAD!  Insist that the seller provide complete original materials.

Can't find your serial number?

Complete HydroCAD serial number(s) are contained in the download email sent with your initial order.

Earlier customers can also find their serial numbers on their License Certificate, CD sleeve, or Read-Me-First card, although these formats have now been discontinued in favor of 100% electronic delivery.

If you cannot locate any of these materials, you will need to have your license reissued, as described below.

Looking for download information?

Download information is provided by email for all orders.  Please keep a copy of this email for your records, in case you need to download again in the future.  Earlier customers may also find the download details on their License Certificate or CD.  If you misplace these materials, you will need to have your license reissued as described below.

Ordering replacement materials

If you are unable to locate your license details you can order replacements here. A replacement charge applies, except for customers on software maintenance (Deluxe Support), who are entitled to free replacement of lost license information after a 24-hour waiting period.

Note: For your security, we do not keep copies of the complete serial number or download details on file, and cannot provide this information by phone.  So we urge you to do a thorough search before ordering a replacement.

Moving to a new file server?

When replacing a network drive that is used to store your HydroCAD license information, use the Network button on the serial number screen to move the license information to the new drive.  If the old and new drives are not online at the same time, you can move the file to a local drive first, and then move it to the new network drive at a later time.

Note: To prevent misuse of your license information, the file will not be recognized if moved by any other means.  If the file is missing, or has been moved by any other means, you must re-enter your serial numbers by hand.

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