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HydroCAD 10.2 Info

HydroCAD 10.2

HydroCAD 10.2 allows you to run HydroCAD on multiple computers operated by your company or organization at any location.  Each user that you purchase allows the operation of HydroCAD by one person at a time.  Your HydroCAD licenses are automatically managed by our cloud-based server, so no special setup is required.  Just install HydroCAD on each computer and go!  See the FAQ's below for further details.

Regular updates (as listed below) support the latest versions of AutoCAD and BricsCAD, plus the latest chamber products.  In addition to our traditional permanent license, HydroCAD 10.2 is also available as an annual license.

HydroCAD 10.2-5

"Release 5a" adds support for AutoCAD 2025, plus new chamber definitions for Wavin AquaCell

HydroCAD 10.2-4

"Release 4b" adds the latest Atlas 14 rainfall data covering the entire Northeast.  There are also several new chamber products including ADS-Stormtech SC-800, StormPrism SPEQ, ABT Permavoid 400, and Xerxes Aquamod.  We have also added support for Dekalb and Universal Rational Method.

"Release 4a" adds support for Good Flow stormwater chambers and BricsCAD V24.

HydroCAD 10.2-3

"Release 3" adds a node profile report, support for BricsCAD V23 and AutoCAD 2024, plus new rainfall distributions and chamber definitions. "Release 3d" adds support for update New Jersey Rainfall events, plus new chamber definitions and other enhancements. For details see the August 2023 Newsletter.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the software compare to the previous program?  HydroCAD 10.2 requires an internet connection to communicate with the license server each time you start or stop the program.  However, the software is still installed and run on your local PC, so operating speed is not affected in any way.

Is this a web application?  No.  Everything resides and runs on your PC, not over the internet.  HydroCAD 10.2 is virtually identical to previous versions.  The only difference is the use of a cloud-based licensing system to enable the operation of the software.  Other than license information, none of your data or information is transferred over the internet.

Does it require a high-speed (broadband) connection?  No. Very little information is exchanged with the license server (about 20KB), so a low-speed connection will work just as well as broadband.  In the event that you need to run HydroCAD without any internet access (i.e. a laptop in the field), you can start HydroCAD in the office and leave it running.

Are there any special computer requirements?  No.  HydroCAD 10.2 will run on all supported versions of Windows

Can I exchange data with other HydroCAD editions?  Absolutely.  Project files can be freely exchanged between different editions.  There is no difference in the file format or results.  Exchanged files are not subject to any additional version or node restrictions.

What license code do I use?  Just use your existing serial number.  (Now referred to as a license code.)  If you have multiple licenses, use your existing serial number with the lowest numerical value.  As long as all the licenses were registered to the same location (and have the same version and node capacity), they should be automatically consolidated under this single code.  If you have licenses at multiple locations, please contact customer service and we can arrange to have all your licenses, worldwide, consolidated into a single license code.

Has the license agreement changed?  Yes.  The software license agreement has been revised to cover the new licensing system.  Please read the agreement to understand your rights and responsibilities when using the new software.

What about software registration?  Since the licenses are no longer tied to a specific end-user location, they can now be registered to any person in your organization, such as the business owner, IT department, or administration. 


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