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Floating License

Multi-Site Floating License

What is a "floating" license?

According to the terms of the HydroCAD license agreement, a standard HydroCAD license must be assigned to a specific physical location, and can be used only at that location.  For customers with multiple offices, this means they must purchase HydroCAD separately for each office where it will be used.

A "multi-site floating license" is an alternate arrangement that allows all of a customers licenses to be centralized, with the flexibility for each license to "float", and be used at different offices according to demand.

Note:  A multi-site floating license is not required to use HydroCAD on additional computers at the same site.  That capability is already available under the standard HydroCAD license agreement.  A floating license pertains only to the use of HydroCAD at multiple locations.

What are the benefits of a multi-site floating license?

There are several benefits to a multi-site floating license, including:

bulletCentralized software management.
bulletAbility to use licenses at different locations based on demand.
bulletMaximum utilization of each license.
bulletPossible reduction in the number of licenses required to serve multiple offices.
bulletQuantity discounts for updates, support, and node expansion based on total number of licenses. (Rather than discounting based on the smaller number of licenses that might be pre-assigned to a given location.)

What are the requirements of a multi-site floating license?

In order to qualify for a floating license, you must agree to the following criteria:

  1. You must hold a minimum of two (2) standard HydroCAD licenses for each location where the software might be used.  For example, if you want to float licenses between 3 offices, you must own at least 6 licenses.  And if you want to add an additional location to the floating arrangement, you may have to purchase additional licenses in order to continue to meet the 2-per-site requirement.
  2. You must maintain all licenses at the same version, node-capacity, and support status.  Note: You are not required to have the latest version or be on a specific support plan, as long as all the licenses have  the same version and support.  A minimum 20-node capacity is required for a floating license.
  3. Any same site licenses must be upgraded to a standard license before they can be part of a floating license.
  4. All licenses will be subject to consolidated shipping and billing.  (The software may be shipped/billed to a different address than where it is registered, but all licenses will be processed together.)

How do I get started?

If you already have enough standard licenses to meet the 2-per-site requirement, and they are all the same version and capacity, you can generally convert to a floating license arrangement at no extra cost.  If necessary, you can purchase updates or additional licenses in order to meet the program requirements.  To check your qualifications please contact our and submit a signed Floating License Agreement.

For a new HydroCAD purchase, you may request a floating license arrangement by submitting a signed Floating License Agreement before your purchase.

How do I install the software?

After you receive your counter-signed Floating License agreement you can install the software according to the license pooling instructions.

What if I want to change the licensed sites?

If you want to add, reduce, or change the licensed sites you must first execute a revised Floating License Agreement.  After you receive a counter-signed copy you can make the necessary changes:

1) To change the number of licenses in the pool, open the Settings|Serial Number screen and add or remove serial numbers, as appropriate.  This screen must list only the licenses that are specified on your Floating License Agreement.

2) If you are adding a new site, install HydroCAD on each PC and configure each installation to use the existing license folder.  Details here.

3) If you are removing a site from the license, you must:

a) Uninstall HydroCAD from all PC's at that location -and-

b) Use this registry file to delete the license path for each user on each PC.  Failure to delete the license path will cause any future HydroCAD installation on this PC to automatically use the existing multi-site pool, causing you to exceed the number of authorized sites and putting you in violation of the license agreement.


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