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HydroCAD Express

Introducing HydroCAD Express!

HydroCAD Express is a customized version of HydroCAD that is available through select HydroCAD partners.  It provides a cost-effective way for stormwater products manufacturers to make HydroCAD available to their customers.  The Express version includes most of the features of a standard HydroCAD program, but is designed to feature the partner's specific products, such as underground storage chambers.

I'm already a HydroCAD Partner.  How do we get our own version of HydroCAD Express?

Each partner pays a one-time customization fee, which covers the production of a custom splash screen, highlighting of the partner's products, and a custom installation file.  The partner also pays a per-user fee for each person who installs and activates their Express edition.

Since you pay only for the systems that are activated, you can distribute more freely than under a pre-paid arrangement, thus providing wider exposure at lower cost.  And most of the cost is incurred after the software is actually in use, thus minimizing your up-front costs.

How much does it cost?

The exact activation fee depends on the node-capacity and features required for your edition, but is typically half the list price of a standard program of the same node-capacity.  See the order form for current list prices.

If you wish, you can cover these costs by charging your customers a fee for the Express edition.  However, many partners will prefer to provide the software on a complimentary basis.  The choice is yours, and you're free to change your distribution arrangements at any time.

How is the software distributed?

We will provide you with a private address that can be used to download the software.  We encourage you to download the software directly from this address for each installation.  This will ensure that you always have the latest release, which will be posted to this same address whenever changes are made.

How do I benefit from HydroCAD Express?

HydroCAD Express highlights your specific products, giving them greater visibility than the competition.

HydroCAD Express makes it easier for your customers to use and specify your products.

HydroCAD Express helps you demonstrate the competitive advantages of your products.

HydroCAD Express emphasizes that your products are support by the leading H&H solution in the USA.

You provide value to your customers by making HydroCAD Express available to them for little or no cost.

Your staff can use HydroCAD Express for your own internal design work.  You pay the standard per-copy activation fee, providing a tremendous savings from the regular price.

How does HydroCAD Express compare to a standard HydroCAD system?

Each edition of HydroCAD Express has all the capabilities of a standard HydroCAD system, except for the following:

  1. The automatic link capability is disabled, so that projects cannot exceed the node-capacity you select.  Customers who wish to model more complex systems will need to purchase a standard program of sufficient capacity.
  2. The CAD import capability is not available.

Except for these limitations, your customers will have all the features and benefits enjoyed by more than 50,000 HydroCAD users worldwide.

What about future versions of HydroCAD?

As HydroCAD updates are released, you'll have the option to distribute the newer version, or you may continue to distribute the earlier version, if you prefer.  Exact costs will be determined at the time of the update.

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