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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986

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How do I download HydroCAD?

  Please STOP and read this page carefully!   Download details depend on which edition of HydroCAD you are using.  You cannot convert one edition to another by use of a registration code - You must use the correct file for your edition, as explained below.

Permanent License:  Complete license and download details are provided in your download email.  Customers on software maintenance will automatically receive new download details as each update is available.  Customers not on maintenance can purchase the latest software update as necessary.

Metered (hourly) EditionDownload the latest Cetrus edition here.

HydroCAD Express:  Available from select technical partners including CULTEC, NEPCA, and PaveDrain.

Free HydroCAD SamplerDownload the latest Sampler here.

Free HydroCAD TrialDownload the latest Trial software here.

Warning: Each installation package will replace any previous HydroCAD installation on your computer.   Make sure you install the correct HydroCAD edition.   If you need to return to the previous installation, you must re-run the previous installation program.  (There's no need to uninstall or delete files - just re-run the previous setup program.  All your settings and project files are preserved.)

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