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Maguire Group, Inc.

HydroCAD case study submitted by the Maguire Group, Inc.

Maguire Group Inc. has been using HydroCAD for stormwater runoff modeling on numerous projects for well over a decade. HydroCAD is a remarkably adaptive and highly stable software that can be used for small, simple studies or highly complex design projects such as the I-93 Segment V Widening project that we participated in for the New Hampshire Dept. of Transportation. Despite the complexity of the stormwater model for this large project, the user-friendly graphic interface of HydroCAD kept our design organized and the “1000 node” software upgrade allowed us to easily model hundreds of drainage nodes in one file. In addition to highway design projects, Maguire has used HydroCAD to model stormwater runoff for residential developments, landfills, college campuses, parks, industrial facilities as well as many other sites.

One of the many reasons Maguire uses HydroCAD is because of the customer support that is provided, such as webinars, online courses, and personal technical support. HydroCAD stays current with the civil engineering industry by constantly reaching out to and being available to all stakeholders within the industry. Recently, we’ve use HydroCAD to model rain gardens, porous asphalt, gabion-lined downchutes, gravel wetlands and wet extended detention basins. We feel confident that HydroCAD can aid us in design and analysis of almost any drainage challenge.

In the near future, we will be utilizing HydroCAD to model a very large diameter combined cascading underground detention/conveyance system. The project contains a very long but relatively narrow right-of-way in which we’ll need to transport and store stormwater runoff through a series of cascading underground pipe/weir assemblies. The tributary area is greater than 400 acres and mostly impervious. We’re fully confident in HydroCAD’s ability to effectively model and help us optimize this design through iteration.

December 2, 2011


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