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Chamber Updates

HydroCAD Chamber Updates

Free chamber updates are available for the current HydroCAD-10 release by downloading the latest build.

Please check your Help|About screen to verify your version and build number:

bulletIf you already have HydroCAD-10, you can download the latest build at no charge, using your existing  download details
bulletIf you have an earlier version of HydroCAD, you must update to HydroCAD-10.

A detailed list of recent chamber additions for HydroCAD-10 is available here.

For general information on chamber modeling please click here.

Note: Chamber updates are not available for earlier versions of HydroCAD, since these programs do not provide internal features that are required for proper operation of the latest chamber definitions.  Using a newer chamber definition with an older version of HydroCAD may produce incorrect results and is not supported.


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