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HydroCAD Stormwater Modeling - Since 1986

Free 15-Day Trial

FREE 15-Day HydroCAD Trial

If you want to try the full HydroCAD program before you purchase, our 15-day free trial is the perfect solution.  With a free trial you get a full 1000-node HydroCAD system, without any restrictions other than the duration of the trial period.  When the trial expires, you'll have the option to purchase a permanent license or use HydroCAD on an hourly basis.

  To get started, visit the Trial Download Page.

If you need a longer evaluation period, but with certain restrictions, we also offer a free HydroCAD Sampler.

Although we believe that HydroCAD is the easiest hydrology and hydraulics solution on the market, this is an inherently complex field.  The software is intended for use only by those with the required H&H background.  Others are advised to consult a qualified engineer for further assistance.


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