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Migrating to the new variable-rate pricing

This page provides details on migrating from the earlier flat-rate hourly pricing to the new variable-rate (node based) pricingTo assure a smooth transition, please follow the instructions carefully.

If you already have a paid account

If you already have a paid Cetrus account, just download and install the latest release.  When you start HydroCAD you can continue to use your previous login credentials and you will automatically receive the new pricing.  That's it!  Please disregard the remainder of this page which does not apply to you.

If you do not already have a paid account

If you have an active or expired trial, but you haven't setup any payment, you need to install the latest release and create a new account, as follows:

1) Download the latest release and install it on your computer.  This will update HydroCAD and the Cetrus metering software to the latest versions.  If you need download details please click here.

2) Start HydroCAD, but do not use your previous login credentials.  If the credentials are automatically filled-in, delete the contents of all three boxes.  This will cause the free trial button to appear, as shown here.  Also make sure the Cetrus version number matches the sample screen.

3) Click the red button to create a free account.  (If you don't see the button, make sure all the login fields are blank).  Enter the requested information and your free trial account will be created.

4) Login with the new credentials and enjoy your free trial!  If you have any difficulty getting the new trial running, please contact  and they will provide immediate assistance.

5) When the new trial expires you'll have the option to continue using HydroCAD on an hourly basis (Pay-per-use) or to purchase a permanent license.

If you select "Pay-Per-Use" you will be charged a variable hourly rate depending on the number of nodes in your project.  After providing your payment details you can use HydroCAD immediately.

If you select "License" you can purchase a permanent license of any desired node capacity.  After we process your order you will receive download details to install the permanent license.

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