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Metered Installation

Metered Edition Installation


When you install the HydroCAD Metered Edition, the setup program will install the main HydroCAD program, plus a "Dashboard" which is used to access your metered account, which is operated by Cetrus.  The Dashboard must have a live internet connection in order to communicate with the Cetrus server, authenticate your login details, and authorize the operation of HydroCAD.  For further details please read the metered edition overview and FAQ

The following information also applies to the 15-day free trial, which utilizes the same software as the metered edition.


  1. Download the Metered Edition Setup program to your computer.
  2. Run the Setup program and select Standard Installation.  After accepting the License Agreement the "Dashboard" setup program will start.
  3. If the Dashboard setup shows options to "Change, Repair, or Remove", the Dashboard is already installed, probably from a previous HydroCAD installation.  Click Cancel to end the Dashboard setup and allow the HydroCAD installation to continue.
  4. After the Dashboard installation is finished, the HydroCAD installation will continue.  When the installation is complete, a HydroCAD icon will appear on the desktop and in the Windows Start menu.

Startup Problems

  1. When the installation is complete, you can start HydroCAD by clicking the HydroCAD icon on the desktop or Start menu.
  2. After a few seconds, the Cetrus login screen will appear.  Enter your login credentials, or click Try It Free to setup a trial account.
  3. If a login error occurs, or you don't see the "Try if free" button, your firewall or antivirus software may be preventing communication with the Cetrus server.  The Cetrus edition must be able to access using ports 80 and 443.  If you have trouble with the metered or trial editions, make sure you can access this domain from your computer, and that these ports are open.  Please contact your system administrator for further assistance.

OnDemand Dashboard

Whenever the Metered Edition is running, the "OnDemand Dashboard" will appear in the Windows tool bar.  This provides status and control options for various aspects of the software.  Details here.

Inactivity Timeout

The Metered Edition contains an automatic time-out mechanism, which causes the program to become dormant after a period of inactivity, thus preventing any charges from being made until you resume use of the program.

For Further Information

For further details please read the metered edition overview

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