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Metered Edition
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Metered Usage

New lower rates!
Now starting at just $2.50** per hour!

In addition to a traditional permanent license, HydroCAD is also available on an hourly (metered) basis.  By paying only for the time that HydroCAD is actually used, many customers can achieve significant savings compared to the traditional permanent license.  Others will enjoy the flexibility to use the software at any location, without having to register or activate on each PC.

Under the metered option there are no separate costs for updates or support, or for additional users or offices.  Everything is included in the hourly usage fee.

Customers are free to choose between hourly usage or a permanent license, or even use both together, depending on their needs.

How Does it Work?

With metered usage, you download and install a special edition of HydroCAD that works just like the standard software you're using now.  But instead of requiring a pre-assigned serial number, HydroCAD communicates with a license server in real-time, keeping track of your usage and charging your account.

Each time you start HydroCAD you have the option of providing accounting details (such as a project or client name), so that you can expense your HydroCAD usage to a specific project or client.

As new HydroCAD versions are released, you can migrate to the new version if and when you choose, with absolutely no update or maintenance costs!

Will It Work For Me?

Hourly usage is a perfect solution for minimizing up-front costs.  You pay only for the time and node-capacity you actually use, with no long-term obligations or maintenance costs.  And if your situation changes, you can seamlessly migrate to a permanent license at any time.

Hourly usage is also an excellent solution for customers who want to use HydroCAD at multiple locations.  Since you can use the hourly edition at any location you choose, you avoid the cost of buying permanent license(s) for each location or user.  Instead, you create a login and password for each employee who will use HydroCAD, and they are able to use the software at any time and place of their choosing.

Nodes Cost**
0-5 $2.50 /hour
6-10 $5.00 /hour
11-20 $7.50 /hour
21-40 $10.00 /hour
41-90 $12.50 /hour
91-200 $15.00 /hour
200-450 $17.50 /hour
450-1000 $20.00 /hour

How Much Will it Cost?

The metered edition offers a sliding price scale that starts at just $2.50 per hour (depending on the number of nodes in your project) so most customers average about $7.50 per hour.  This pricing includes full technical support and access to the very latest HydroCAD updates.  There are no additional fees or add-ons of any kind.

If you have several projects open at the same time (a powerful HydroCAD feature!), your cost is based solely on the one active project.  When you select another project, the hourly cost changes automatically based on the number of nodes in the selected project.  This leaves you free to focus on your work, without having to anticipate and select a specific node capacity in advance.

In order to further minimize your cost, charges are automatically suspended whenever the program is minimized or idle for an extended period.

** Node-based pricing is available only with HydroCAD-10 build 18 or later.  If you're using an earlier build with fixed hourly pricing, you must download the latest build in order to take advantage of the new node-based pricing.  After installing the update you will automatically be charged at the lower node-based rates shown above.  No other changes to your account are required.  Node-based pricing is available starting mid-July 2016 and subject to change without notice.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started with the metered edition just setup a free 15-day trial.  There is no obligation, and no payment details are required until the end of the trial period.

How do I manage my account?

To check your account balance, update your credit card, or make a manual payment, simply log in to using the same login details you use to run HydroCAD.  You can also use this screen (as shown at right) to view your software usage, monthly statement, or setup additional users.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What node-capacity will I get?  The metered edition provides a maximum capacity of 1,000 nodes per diagram, but you pay only for the number of nodes you actually use, as discussed above.

How does the software compare to the standard program?  The metered edition requires a continuous internet connection to communicate with the license server.  However, the software is still installed and run on your local PC, so operating speed is not affected in any way.

Is this a web application?  No.  Everything resides and runs on your PC, not over the internet.  The metered edition is virtually identical to the standard HydroCAD software.  The only difference is the use of a web-based metering system to enable the operation of the software.

Does it require a high-speed (broadband) connection?  No. Very little information is exchanged with the license server, so a low-speed (dial-up) connection will work just as well as broadband.

What if I want to switch to a standard (permanent) license?  You can switch between the hourly and permanent editions at any time.  Just run the applicable setup program.  There is no need to uninstall, and all your data and settings are preserved.

Are there any special computer requirements?  No.  The metered edition will run on all supported versions of Windows.  The only additional requirement for the metered edition is that Microsoft .NET 2.0 must be installed.  The installation program will check for .NET and help you to install it if required.

Can I exchange data with other HydroCAD editions?  Absolutely.  Project files can be freely exchanged between different editions.  There is no difference in the file format or results.  Exchanged files are not subject to any additional version or node restrictions beyond the standard permanent license.

How does the charge mechanism work?  Every 144 seconds (25 times per hour) your account is charged for the average number of nodes that were present during the previous 144 seconds.  For example, if you're working on a 15-node project, you will be charged $0.30 every 144 seconds, for a total of $7.50 per hour.  The charge amount will vary depending on the average number of nodes present during each charge interval, but the duration of the charge interval always remains fixed at 144 seconds, or 25 times per hour.  See the rate table above for the effective hourly rate that applies to any number of nodes.

How do I transition from the fixed hourly rate to the new node-based pricing?  To get the new node-based pricing just download and install the latest build.  No other changes to your existing account are required.  The new software will automatically charge your account using the new node-based pricing described above.

I have an old trial that expired.  How do I get the new lower pricing?  To get the new pricing you need to download the latest build and create a new trial account.  When the trial expires you will have the option to add funds to the account for ongoing use.  Details here.

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