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License Certificate
Lost Materials

HydroCAD License Certificate

All HydroCAD-10 systems distributed before November 23, 2015 were accompanied by a software License Certificate, as shown here.  After this date, license information is being provided only in your download email.

About the License Certificate

The Certificate includes the following information about your HydroCAD license:

HydroCAD x.x: This is the version of HydroCAD you are licensed to use.

Serial Number xxxx.xxxxxxxxxx:  The entire number must be entered on the Settings|Serial Number screen in order to run HydroCAD. The portion to the left of the decimal point is your unique number, which will remain the same for the life of the license.  The additional digits to the right of the decimal point will change depending on the exact version and node capacity you are currently using.

ID# xxxxx:  The customer ID number to whom the license is registered.

xxx Nodes:  The number of nodes authorized for your license.

Download from xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:  The web address you can use to download this version of HydroCAD.  Printed under the address are the user name and password that are required for the download.  You can continue to use these same details if you need to download the software again in the future.  Any new builds of your licensed version can also be downloaded from the same address.

Other Versions

For earlier versions of HydroCAD (9.1 and before) you will find this same information in your download email and/or CD sleeve.  After November 23, 2015 you will find your license information exclusively in your download email.

Lost Certificates

It's essential that you save your license information for later use.  If you've misplaced your license materials you can order replacements here.


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