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HydroCAD and Carlson Hydrology

Automatic extraction of watershed data is now possible with HydroCAD and Carlson Hydrology. By using the two programs together, you can map soil groups, ground covers, and subcatchment boundaries, and have all the sub-area information automatically supplied to your HydroCAD model! All data is extracted from a standard DWG file.  And if you have a terrain model (TIN), the time-of-concentration values can be automatically calculated using the Curve Number method and seamlessly transmitted to your HydroCAD model.

And when your site plan changes, just click the update button and your HydroCAD model is automatically updated. The results are truly amazing, and will save countless hours on every project.

Click for detailsCarlson Hydrology can be used on your existing AutoCAD platform, including AutoCAD Map or Civil 3D. Or you can use the self-contained IntelliCAD platform, which is included at no additional charge.  Please click the links below for details:

Data extraction overview    10-minute video demonstration

Recorded webinar (1 hour)   more videos

Note: To use the new data extraction features you'll need HydroCAD 9.1 (or later) and Carlson Hydrology 2010 (or later).  Click here for HydroCAD update details


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