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HydroCAD and AutoCAD

HydroCAD is a stand-alone program that does not require any external software - except for the Windows operating system on which it runs.  However, HydroCAD does provide a number of options for exporting and importing data from other software.

Starting with HydroCAD-10, watershed data can be imported directly from AutoCAD without any additional software.  Once your drawing is properly set up, this allows the subcatchment areas and Curve Number data to be automatically imported into HydroCAD, resulting in enormous time savings, especially on complex projects.

HydroCAD also offers the ability to to import watershed data from AutoCAD by using Carlson Hydrology.  This collaboration allows curve numbers, Tc data, and even pond storage data to be transferred from an AutoCAD drawing into HydroCAD.  This is an excellent solution for existing Carlson users who are already proficient with this software.

Please remember, HydroCAD is a stand-alone program that is fully functional even without the AutoCAD import capability.  AutoCAD is required only for the automated import of watershed data.  Other capabilities of HydroCAD are fully functional even without AutoCAD.

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