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Web-Based Training

We're pleased to announce the availability of free web-based training seminars (webinars).  Each program will devote one hour to a specific topic, providing the opportunity for detailed examination of subjects that are not feasible to cover with traditional training solutions.  These are live sessions, with the opportunity to ask questions and discuss specific issues with the presenter.

Upcoming sessions will focus on new features added in HydroCAD-10.  Sessions will cover underground chamber modeling, CAD watershed data extraction, and a general review of new features.  Later sessions will cover a wider range of existing HydroCAD features and applications.  Most sessions will be personally conducted by HydroCAD developer and CEO, Peter Smart.

Please select a session below for further details.  Recording of previous sessions are also available.

Custom Web Sessions

Private web training and consultation is available for customers who prefer a custom session.  Typical cost for a 2-hour session is $500, for up to 10 attendees.  For details contact   However, we suggest that you first review the large selection of pre-recorded sessions listed below, which have been found to cover 99% of all training requirements.  A private session can then be arranged to cover any remaining issues in greater detail.

Recorded Sessions on

The following sessions have been recorded and are available for immediate viewing on our YouTube channel or by downloading the  full-resolution Windows Media (WMV) file.  Most recordings are approximately 60-minutes duration.  Since the WMV files are approximately 60 megabytes in size, we recommend that you download the desired file (right-click the link) and then view the file after the download is complete.  Some computers may also be able to view the video stream directly.  To stream the video using Firefox or Google Chrome you may need this plugin.

  Recorded Sessions  
(download WMV file or view on YouTube)
Upcoming Live Sessions
General Getting Started 101 Getting Started with HydroCAD-10  WMV  YouTube
101 Getting Started with HydroCAD-9   WMV
Installation 102 HydroCAD-10 Installation & Network Operation  WMV  YouTube
102 HydroCAD-9 Installation & Network Operation   WMV
Reports 103 Reports, Printing, & Data Export  WMV  YouTube
For Reviewers 104 Reviewing HydroCAD Projects   WMV  YouTube
Tips & Tricks 220 Tips & Tricks (HydroCAD-9)  WMV  YouTube
New Features HydroCAD-10 310 HydroCAD-10 Overview (what's new?)  WMV  YouTube
  HydroCAD-9 301 HydroCAD 9.x Enhancements - overview  WMV
302 HydroCAD 9.x Enhancements - in detail  WMV

     (includes pumps, land-use reporting, & pollutant loading)
Runoff Rainfall Options 203 Runoff Modeling Part I: Rainfall Issues  WMV  YouTube
206 Using Local Rainfall Data  WMV  YouTube   new
311 HydroCAD-10 Rainfall Enhancements   WMV  YouTube
Ground Covers & CN 204 Runoff Modeling Part II: CN & Tc options  WMV  YouTube
Ponds General 207 All about Ponds! (HydroCAD-9, also see 312)  WMV  YouTube
  Pond Storage 202 Modeling Underground Storage (HydroCAD-9)  WMV  YouTube
411 Modeling Cultec Stormwater Chambers  WMV  YouTube
412 Modeling PaveDrain Systems  WMV  YouTube
  Outlet Devices 312 HydroCAD-10 Outlet Devices (covers all devices)  WMV  YouTube
315 Modeling Pumps in HydroCAD  WMV  YouTube
316 Dam Breach Modeling  WMV  YouTube 
(30 minutes) new
410 Modeling Contech StormFilter in HydroCAD-9  WMV
Other Calculations Conveyance 205 Pipe Modeling in HydroCAD  WMV  YouTube  
  Land Use Analysis 304 Land Use Analysis & Pollutant Loading  WMV  YouTube  
  Modeling LID Elements 303 Modeling LID elements  WMV  YouTube
  (porous pavement, rain gardens, infiltration systems, etc.)
Data Import Data Import & Export 350 HydroCAD-9.1 Data Import  WMV
313 HydroCAD-10 Data Import  WMV  YouTube
 (including CAD import)
314 HydroCAD-10 AutoCAD import  WMV  YouTube
  Working with Carlson Hydrology 401 CAD Import with Carlson Hydrology  WMV (3m delay)  YouTube 
402 Pond Design with Carlson Hydrology  WMV

Numerical List of Recorded Sessions

#101 Getting Started with HydroCAD-10   WMV  YouTube
#101 Getting Started with HydroCAD-9   WMV

#102 HydroCAD-10 Installation and Network Operation   WMV  YouTube
#102 HydroCAD-9 Installation and Network Operation   WMV

#103 Reports, Printing, & Data Export  WMV  YouTube

#104 Reviewing HydroCAD Projects   WMV  YouTube

#202 Modeling underground storage in HydroCAD-9  WMV  YouTube

#203 Runoff Modeling Part I: Rainfall Issues   WMV  YouTube

#204 Runoff Modeling Part II: CN & TC options  WMV  YouTube  (Also see #206)

#205 Pipe Modeling in HydroCAD   WMV  YouTube

#206 Using local NOAA & NRCC rainfall data   WMV  YouTube   new

#207 All about Ponds! WMV  YouTube  (For HydroCAD-9. Also see #312 for the latest outlet devices)

#220 Tips & Tricks (HydroCAD-9)   WMV  YouTube

#301 HydroCAD 9.x enhancements - overview  WMV

#302 HydroCAD 9.x enhancements - in detail  WMV

#303 Modeling LID elements  WMV  YouTube  (porous pavement, rain gardens, infiltration systems, etc.)

#304 Land Use Analysis and Pollutant Loading   WMV  YouTube

#310 HydroCAD-10 Enhancements WMV  YouTube

#311 HydroCAD-10 Rainfall Enhancements   WMV  YouTube

#312 HydroCAD-10 Outlet Devices  WMV  YouTube  (covers all outlet devices)

#313 HydroCAD-10 Data Import  WMV  YouTube   (including CAD import)

#314 Importing Data from AutoCAD   WMV  YouTube

#315 Modeling Pumps in HydroCAD  WMV  YouTube

#316 Dam Breach Modeling   WMV  YouTube (30 minutes) new

#350 HydroCAD-9.1 Data Import   WMV

#401 CAD data import using Carlson Hydrology  WMV (3-min delay)  YouTube

#402 Pond Design with Carlson Hydrology & HydroCAD   WMV

#410 Modeling the Contech StormFilter in HydroCAD-9.1   WMV

#411 Modeling Cultec Stormwater Chambers in HydroCAD  WMV  YouTube

#412 Modeling PaveDrain installations in HydroCAD   WMV  YouTube

Other Training Options

In addition to web-based training, we also offer a self-study program and traditional in-person training seminars.


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