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Reg-U-Flo Vortex ValveHydro International Vortex Valves Supported by HydroCAD

HydroCAD provides direct support for modeling of vortex control valves, and includes pre-defined discharge tables for the Reg-U-Flo product line manufactured by Hydro International.

Note:  The use of HydroCAD-10 is specifically recommended, since it has the ability to automatically translate the rating curves into English or metric units, as required by the individual project.  Earlier versions could only load the rating curves into projects that were configured for English units.

Since Vortex valves have a unique "S" shaped stage-discharge curve which cannot be modeled with the traditional orifice equation, HydroCAD Software Solutions LLC has worked together with engineers at Hydro International to produce a library of rating curves that allows these devices to be easily modeled in HydroCAD.  This allows designers to evaluate the benefits of using vortex valves in their stormwater management systems, which can often reduce the amount of storage that must be built in order to meet peak-discharge requirements for a given pond.

For further details, please read about modeling vortex control valves in HydroCAD.


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